BEOLAND’s main activity is public land development, issues and activities related to alienation of the building land and construction of capital facilities of importance to the City of Belgrade. According to the Statute of the City of Belgrade, BEOLAND operates within seventeen municipalities. Annually, for each fiscal year, BEOLAND prepares its Building Land Development Program, which is ratified by the Supervisory Board. The Annual Program comes into effect upon the decision of the City Assembly made based on the initiative of the relevant Administrative Unit.

Building Land Development Program is prepared in accordance with the Planning and Construction Law and includes:

– Building land development program

– Building land development program for construction of capital roads of major importance to the City of Belgrade

These programs are aimed at planning the investing and land development activities, public land alienation activities and activities on preparation and construction of capital roads of major importance to the City of Belgrade, all within the planned funds. Financial assets are primarily provided from the current budget revenues by the Agency, as well as from special purpose funds of the City Budget and special purpose loans.

Budget revenues implemented by the Agency are mostly gathered from the following fees: land development fee, the revenues generated from renting the business premises and alienation of the building land.

Type and scope of any of the assignments included in the Program depend on the income and revenues planned, the status of investments implemented and the status of utility infrastructure construction going on for several years, the status of funds invested in construction of capital roads of special importance to the city, as well as on the status of planning and design documents under preparation.

Program includes a set of priority utility infrastructure facilities and related activities defined based on the following criteria:

– completion and putting into operation of the facilities currently under construction

– continuing the construction of utility infrastructure facilities important for development of the city as a whole

– construction of new facilities, improvement and extension of existing facilities necessary for implementation of various developments subject to contracts signed with the Investors

– development of planning and design documents for the areas which development is planned to be implemented in the years to come.


The Program includes building land preparatory activities to be taken prior to construction (site investigation, surveying maps, urban planning and technical documents, land acquisition, site remedy, etc.) and land development works (construction of utility infrastructure and green areas development), land acquisition, construction of resettlement housing and preparation of the building land for allocation purposes. This also includes the activities related to preparation of the public land owned by the City of Belgrade for alienation.


Program includes the works and activities on building land preparation and development for construction of capital major roads or road network including accompanying infrastructure.