Students of Architecture from Bratislava visited Beoland

By 22. May, Вести

The 13th BINA – Belgrade International Week of Architecture Festival is currently ongoing in Belgrade between 10th and 13th May 2018. The theme of the 13th BINA 2018 Festival is “FROM COMMUNIS TO COMUNICATION”. It is dedicated to communications in architecture, communicating through architecture and spreading and sharing of the ideas about the city spaces and their use; it is meant to emphasize the role of the architects in representing the public interest, the connection between the role of the society and communication in architecture and in the process of communication with the citizens, as the most important elements in the future development of the architecture of cities.

By numerous attractive programs promoting the continuous transformation of our living space, with participation of local and foreign experts and professionals in the field of architecture, construction and urban planning, BINA is trying to improve the living conditions and the attitude towards the environment we live in.

On this occasion, Belgrade Land Development Public Agency, hosted the students of architecture from Bratislava on Friday, 18th May 2018, the participants of the Belgrade International Week of Architecture, who presented their work and their vision of development and urban revival of Bezistan area as an urban complex, emphasizing the importance of communication in architecture. Beoland is currently funding the development of technical documents for Bezistan reconstruction, the completion of which is expected in the forthcoming months.