Building Land Development Program is based on the solutions and conditions contained in the laws, decisions and regulations governing the land development policy and building.

The Program is so prepared to ensure the annual land development works to be in line with the real needs, demands and possibilities of urban development, and its contents provides for:

  1. Implementation of the requirements for rational land use and establishing the optimal ratio of the investment in utility infrastructure and the capacity of the facilities it serves.
  2. High degree of efficiency in realization of planned works through harmonization of the work schedule and other construction conditions.
  3. Identifying the sources of planned works
  4. Timely undertaking of all organizational, legal and other measures required for efficient implementation of the planned works.

The Program provides an overview of all the works the Building Land Development Agency is responsible for including all planned activities and funds required for building land preparation and development in Belgrade as well as land preparation for allocation, with next two-year projection.