Building land


The City of Belgrade operates and manages the public building land in its ownership, while the Beoland provides for the conditions for building land development, use, improvement and protection.

Land development means its preparation for construction and supply with utility infrastructure. Preparation for construction includes site investigation, geodetic and geological survey and maps, development of planning and design documents, preparation of land development program, relocation and demolition of facilities, site remedy and other works. Land development includes construction of utility infrastructure and development of public areas.

According to the Law on Planning and Construction, building land can be built and unbuilt. Built land is the land with the facilities constructed in accordance with the Law and intended for permanent use. Unbuilt land is the land with no facilities constructed at all, the land with no permanent facilities constructed, or the land with facilities constructed without compliance with the Law.

In addition, public building land can be developed or undeveloped. Developed public land is supplied with utility infrastructure in accordance with the valid planning document (the land equipped with approach roads, power supply network, water supply network and other necessities).