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Competitive Bidding for Land Sale at “Marina Dorćol” area

By 14. August, Vesti

Belgrade Land Development Public Agency (Beoland) issued an Invitation to Competitive Bidding for sale of the public building land at the “Marina Dorćol” site. The initial bid price will be RSD 3.8 billion, which is the estimated market value of the land on a 4-hectare site. In addition to the amount raised at the public bidding, a contribution for the construction land will be paid to the city budget, which will be calculated for the future investor for the structures he plans to build. Applications to Competitive Bidding will be received by 12th September, and the bidding is scheduled for the following day in the Beoland’s premises.

According to the Detailed Regulatory Plan the site is located in the area for commercial and residential buildings and, in addition, it is obligatory to build landscaped green spaces with tree lines, which must be for a public use. The maximum Gross Floor Area of the facilities is 76.000m2. The Technical Documentation for all the facilities to be constructed will be approved by the City Planning Commission. Moreover, the future investor will have to abide by the conditions of the competent institutions regarding the protection of the monument of culture of “The Power and Light” power plant, in order not to jeopardize its values.

The City of Belgrade, through the Belgrade Land Development Public Agency, will provide access to the site via two public roads planned on the west side of the complex, while the investor will be obliged to construct all utility installations within the site to connect to public infrastructure. It will be the responsibility of the investor to build a shoreline around the planned marina/ mooring pool and to arrange a boat mooring, which will then be handed over to the City of Belgrade, as well as to reconstruct the old power plant crane and pumping station at its own expense.

The Beoland Agency terminated its contract with the former leaseholder of one of the city’s most expensive sites two years ago. The land was leased in 2006 for the construction of commercial and residential facilities, with a sports facility, access roads, pedestrian and green spaces. By the Mayor’s decision in 2016, the lease to the investor terminated, and a year later the leaseholder agreed to terminate the contract with the Beoland, which allowed the City to start preparing the site for the  alienation announcement.

You can see the announcement on the following link:

Invitatition to competitive bidding for alienation of the public building land at “Marina Dorćol” area, Municipality of Stari grad