Status of Missing Infrastructure Construction Applications

In case of minor interventions in secondary equipping of building land, both legal entities and individuals share a common interest in financing, by their own funds, the construction of missing infrastructure needed for operation of their facilities, and once the construction is completed, they donate it to the City of Belgrade into permanent ownership since Beoland, as a public institution, is not entitled to tender or contract the construction of infrastructure unless its included in their Public Procurement Plan.

In order to give the opportunity to a larger number of investors to provide the Building Permit for their buildings within the proposed deadline, as well as to put it into operation in accordance with the issued Site Conditions requiring construction of the missing utility infrastructure, the legal entity or an individual can enter into a finance contract and undertake financing of design and technical documents, construction and technical inspection of the facility on behalf of the Beoland, and donate the built infrastructure facility to the City, with no entitlement to any deduction to the Land Development Fee they are obliged to pay. Beoland is obliged to engage its professional teams to monitor and control the investors’ activities on preparation of design documents and construction of the facility, as a guarantee that the future public utility infrastructure facility, to be handed over to the City, is technically properly implemented in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Such contracts are significant for further city development, budget savings, encouragement to construction investments and accordingly for development of all other economic activities in Belgrade.

To apply for Missing Infrastructure Construction Contract the following documents shall be submitted:

  • Application form
  • Site conditions
  • Conditions and requirements issued by the PUC Waterworks and Sewerage Company related to water supply pipeline construction including drawings
  • Conditions and requirements issued by the PUC Waterworks and Sewerage Company related to sewerage construction including drawings
  • Cadastral plan copy
  • Real estate folio in the Land Register
  • Underground utility plan copy

*Information on the status of missing infrastructure construction contract applications is available at Beoland’s GIS App. – Missing Infrastructure.