Infrastructure Facilities Construction and Improvement Works Pricelist

The Pricelist of Infrastructure Facilities Construction and Improvement Works for the activities defined in the Building Land Development Program is approved by the Beoland’s Supervisory Board. Beoland’s professional teams apply the Pricelist to define the estimated prices for public procurement purposes.

The Pricelist was established according to the unit prices obtained during implementation of  Works Contracts entered into upon completion of tender procedures for construction and improvement of infrastructure. Unit prices set forth in the Pricelist can thus be regarded as market prices and shall be applied until the following Supervisory Board decision, which shall be made based on the applicable price updates.

Pricelist publication makes it possible for the stakeholders to review the unit prices of all Works items, and can be of assistance to the Tenderers willing to participate in Beoland’s tender procedures to prepare their Tenders.