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Invitatition to competitive bidding for alienation of the public building land located in Block 53

By 22. September 2021.Announcements_cat

Subject to alienation (sale) is the building land in Block 53 near the “Nikola Tesla” Airport and the Wholesale Market, Municipality of New Belgrade, LOT 5 consisting of the following cadastral plots: 534/76, 534/1, 534/59, 534/60, 534/57, 534/58, 534/35, 6636/15 and 6636/4, all in the CM of New Belgrade. Plots were registered as the public property of the City of Belgrade, such as: cadastral plots 534/76, 534/1, 534/58, 534/35 and 534/57 registered in the Land Registry Folio no. 6891 CM of New Belgrade, cadastral plot 6636/15 registered in the LR Folio no. 4137, CM of New Belgrade, and cadastral plot 6636/4 registered in the LR Folio no. 381, CM of New Belgrade, while the cadastral plots 534/59 and 534/60 were registered in the LR Folio no. 367, CM of New Belgrade as the state property of the Republic of Serbia, whereas the user of the referred cadastral plots is the Municipality of Novi Beograd. For these two plots, the procedure of title registration in favour of the City of Belgrade is in progress. All above-mentioned cadastral plots are forming a building plot (LOT) with a surface area of 22.944m2.

 Announcement in daily newspaper „POLITIKA“ 22.09.2021.
  Translation of the announcement (ENG)