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Land in New Belgrade Block 61 sold

By 6. November, Vesti

The land at the corner of Vojvodjanska and Dr Ivana Ribara Street in New Belgrade was sold for nearly RSD 220 million at the public bidding held on Friday, November 3, 2017 in the premises of the Belgrade Land Development Public Agency. One bid submitted by the “ENERGOINVEST GROUP” was received by the Bid Submission Deadline defined in the Invitation to Public Bidding, which is going to pay the bid amount to the Belgrade City Budget. In addition to the price for the land, the Investor shall pay the Building Land Development Fee in the course of building permit provision.

The site with an area of 5913 m2 is planned as a multi-storey mixed land use city centre available for both commercial and residential construction. The start price for the building land was determined based on the land market price assessed by the Tax Administration and amounts to 37.155,72 RSD/m2.
Since only one bidder has applied for the public bidding, the land was sold for the initial amount of RSD 219,701,772.36.