Invitation to Public Bidding for Kej Oslobodjenja LOT sale published

By 6. June 2017. Vesti

Belgrade Land Development Public Agency has issued an Invitation to the Public Bidding for public building land sale, cadastral plot at Kej Oslobodjenja in the Cadastral Municipality of Zemun, owned by the City of Belgrade. Applications to Public Bidding will be received by 10th July 2017 in the Beoland’s premises.

The size of the LOT is 600m², and is intended for construction of sports complexes (open sports courts and indoor sports facilities), 300m² GFA. In addition to mandatory sports facilities, some commercial activities (hotel, retail and catering) and public services (education, healthcare and culture) are allowed within the complex, but must comply with the sports purpose of the complex.

Start price for the building land was determined based on the land market price assessed by the Secretariat for Finance – Tax Administration of the City of Belgrade and amounts to RSD 21.816,96 per m2, which totally amounts to RSD 13.090.176,00 for total area of 600m2.

This attractive LOT is placed on the second pedestrian walking platform and is approachable from the existing roads Stevana Markovica Street and Kej Oslobodjenja over the access ramp for boats. Further information related to this Invitation is available at the Belgrade Land Development Public Agency – Sites Analysis, Marketing and IT Department, tel. +381 (0)11 2041 302, every regular working day, 7.30 a.m. to 15.30 p.m.

Invitation to Public Bidding available at: