Master Plan of Belgrade (MPB) covers the building area of approximately 56.540 ha, 51.970 ha of which is the building land.

The concept of development and protection of the city as a European metropolis, the centre of administration, culture, business and commerce is based on the following:

  • urban renewal and enhancement of the quality of existing urban areas;
  • rational expansion of urban building land and preservation of undeveloped land of natural quality;
  • construction and development planning taking into account valuable elements of nature, landscape and ecologically sensitive areas;
  • sustainable use and protection of water resources;
  • maintenance, refurbishment, improvement and promotion of cultural goods;
  • modernization and development of transport and infrastructure capacities and utilities;
  • more efficient building land use, rehabilitation and urbanization of former industrial and municipal zones
  • enabling construction at locations included in the Plans (new residential areas, public and recreational facilities, commercial zones, economic zones and business parks)

Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade developed the Master Plan of Belgrade adopted by the City Assembly on 7th March 2016 (“Official Gazette of the City of Belgrade” No. 11/16).