Urban Furniture Catalogue is an integral document defining the guidelines for selection of urban furniture, equipment and texture in the City of Belgrade.

The document defines the characteristics and appearance of individual elements of street furniture, equipment and texture and their spatial application within defined city area.

Urban Furniture Catalogue – Guide to Urban Equipment, Furniture and Texture Selection in the City of Belgrade – is divided into three categories (chapters):

A – Urban Equipment

B – Urban Furniture

V – Urban Texture

The main categories are further divided into groups of elements classified according to their function in the open public urban area and marked by a catalogue index number. Each element in the Catalogue is presented by a drawing and description of major characteristics such as: material, colour, type of protection, installation and specific features given in the Note. Upper left corner of each Catalogue page is marked with the colour/colours referring to the Zone/Zones of elements application.

Urban furniture catalogue

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Zones list and description

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Map of zones

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