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Repeated Competitive Bidding for Land Sale in the “Autoput” Economic Zone in New Belgrade

Belgrade Land Development Public Agency (Beoland) has issued an Invitation to Competitive Bidding for sale of the public building land owned by the City of Belgrade in the “Autoput” Economic Zone in New Belgrade. No applications were received at the previously held biding in July this year, so the initial amount of the alienation price is now reduced by 20%. Applications to Competitive Bidding will be received by 12 November, and the bidding is scheduled for the following day in the Beoland’s premises.

The building land is located in Block 53, along Prekonoška Street, near “Kvantaška pijaca” wholesale green market, and the subject to alienation is the LOT1 corresponding to the cadastral plot no. 6827/1 CM of New Belgrade, with the surface area of ​​3.1 hectares. The site is included in the Detail Regulation Plan for the “Autoput” Economic Zone in New Belgrade and the land is planned for construction of industrial facilities.

Start price for the building land with the surface area of 31.525 square metres, having been reduced by 20%, now amounts to RSD 266.713.857,80. The land will be sold to a Bidder offering the highest price, which shall be equal to or higher than the start price and cannot be further reduced.

The site is approachable from the existing S-40 Road (Prekonoška Street), which is equipped with the water supply and sewer system. S-40 road is planned for redevelopment to create the conditions for connection of new utility service customers.

The developer is obliged to carry out all the works on preparing and equipping the building land within the alienated LOT and to enter into agreements with all competent public utility institutions and other legal entities and pay fees for connection to the electric power supply system, telecommunication system and facilities, cable television, heating and gas supply systems and facilities, etc.

Further information is available at Belgrade Land Development Public Agency – Sites Analysis, Marketing and IT Department, tel. +381 (0)11 2041 302, every business day 7:30 to 15:30.

Invitatition to competitive bidding for alienation of the public building land in Block 53, Municipality of New Belgrade