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Another RSD 53 million gained to the City Budget from land sale

By 25. October 2017.Vesti

The land in Mihaila Bulgakova in Zvezdara sold for RSD 53 million in the public bidding held today in the Belgrade Land Development Public Agency. Seven applications to public bidding were received in the Agency by the application submission deadline, and the highest price for the land was offered by the TALEX PROJEKT Company, and the sold amount will be funded to the City Budget. In addition to the amount paid for the land, in the course of construction the Investor will also pay the land development fee in the amount to be defined in the building permit.

Start price for the building land was determined based on the land market price assessed by the City of Belgrade Tax Administration and amounted to RSD 13.355,06 per square metre, and accordingly the total start price for the entire complex amounted to RSD 25.855.396,16. The land plot sold has an area of 1936m2 is envisaged for construction of multi-family housing, 2788m2 GFA.

Mihaila Bulgakova Street is equipped with accompanying utility infrastructure constructed within the regulation line.