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Usurpation of the City Public Land

By 26. October 2017.Vesti

Public building land owned by the City of Belgrade, which is currently under preparation for sale is burdened with illegal agricultural production. Belgrade Land Development Public Agency will request from the competent city institutions to prepare documents for filing criminal charges against all persons illegally usurping the public building land thus preventing the investments of importance for the City of Belgrade.

To attract the Investors, land that the City plans to sell should be unused and as much as possible equipped with infrastructure. However, in some locations, over the years, public land has been used for growing crops, usually followed by illegal construction. Sites burdened this way put off the Investors, who are not interested in purchasing the building land that might be subject to future legal and property disputes.

Belgrade Land Development Public Agency has placed the information boards at sites that are being prepared for sale and they will also include a warning that any illegal land occupation is strictly prohibited. By its Building Land Development Program 2017 Belgrade Land Development Public Agency implements the activities at 18 sites with a total area of about 39 hectares.