Belgrade Land Development Public Agency

Belgrade Land Development Agency performs utility services to provide the conditions for development, use, improvement and protection of the building land, preparation and implementation of medium-term and annual building land development programs in the city of Belgrade, as an activity of general interest, and performs all professional tasks to provide the conditions for construction of the public facilities of particular importance for the city. Within its exclusive right to carry out such activities, the Beoland, in the name and on behalf of the City of Belgrade as a holder of public property rights, implements the land development program.

Beoland also provides for the conditions for construction and improvement of the public facilities in accordance with the law, and in the name and on behalf of the founder as a holder of public property rights performs professional tasks related to building land acquisition (resolution of legal-property rights, displacement, etc.), arranges development of technical documents and technical control, construction and technical inspection, performs supervision and maintenance of public facilities until the date of their handover to the competent organizational unit of the City of Belgrade for operation and maintenance.

Beoland calculates the elements for determining the land development fee, and for Investor’s purposes prepares information on all available sites, required documents, surveying maps and studies related to building land alienation.

Beoland’s goal is to protect the public interest, and its management and employees perform this task successfully by implementing responsible business policy and strong financial discipline.