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Belgrade Land Development Public Agency has presented the zones and urban development plans on their website. Urban development plans are public documents, which should be made available to both the professional community and the public.

Urban zones of the City of Belgrade are a graphical presentation of the Decision on Determining Belgrade Urban Zones.

By making the urban development plans available on the website, Beoland wishes to provide the citizens with an easier access to urban planning and infrastructure facilities planned within the scope of a specific urban development plan. In the forthcoming period, Beoland will continuously update the map of Belgrade, with an idea of making all valid urban development plans currently implemented by the City of Belgrade easily available to everyone.

Open GIS application

Services (Layers) Within GIS Application:

  • Belgrade DCP (Digital Cadastral Plan) – the service is provided by the Republic Geodetic Authority of the Republic of Serbia and presents spatial data on the Digital Cadastral Plan
  • Belgrade Urban Zones – zone borders for determining the amount of the land development fee
  • Sites Under Preparation – sites to be allocated to the investors interested in construction of residential, industrial, commercial and other facilities
  • Scope of Plans – plan borders until 2003 and beyond 2003, plans are in compliance with the General Regulation Plan of Belgrade (Official Gazette of the City of Belgrade 20/16)
  • Plans Under Development – the borders of the plans for which the City Assembly has adopted the Decision on their development
  • Missing Infrastructure – status of the missing infrastructure construction requests
  • Legalization of Buildings – Beoland’ s opinion on the fulfilment of the conditions for building legalization
  • Fee Calculation – allows all interested parties to inspect calculated land development fee. All interested parties may address Beoland by e-mail (, to get more information on each individual fee calculation. By sending a query you can obtain any additional information on individual fee calculation, such as: the date of receipt and calculation within unified procedure, land use and the area or no. of floors for which the fee is calculated, the method of payment and date of payment, the amount of any possible deductions against the missing infrastructure etc.
  • Belgrade Master Plan Area Landslide Cadastre
  • General Regulation Plan of Belgrade including maps: land use planned, implementation method and direct implementation
  • Plans Use – information on the urban planning parameters such as the land use, size, frontal width of the building plot, floor area ratio and lot coverage, number of floors and ratio of the planed land use types


The term GIS is often poorly understood by a wide auditorium so here are a few definitions to assist with better understanding of the term:

  • GIS is a technology for managing geographically referenced data.
  • GIS is a software designed to capture, manage, analyse and display all forms of geographically referenced information. (ESRI definition)
  • GIS (Geographic Information System) is a set of graphical and alphanumeric data organized in such a way to provide for fully synchronous connection between the describing and graphical data on physical facilities, so that each element of the facility may, at any moment, be accessed from both alphanumeric and graphical database.

New application is very important for Beoland’ s business, since geographical data are of a significant importance for building land management and further city development planning. Beoland will continue updating and upgrading this App, since this type of information provision requires constant system improvement.

* All data in the application are for information only, for official information please contact relevant institutions.

In case of any questions regarding maps please contact us by e-mail:

Open GIS application